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Our Why

To teach every person in the world how to uncover their energetic potential so that humanity can experience its next stage of evolution.

Instead of covering up symptoms, we seek to support the root cause of disease.

We recognize the interconnectedness of biology, beliefs, relationships and the environment on heath and abundance.

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Your SCP Plan Features

  • Vitality Score
  • Up to 50 Personalized Suggestions
  • Badass Beginners Video Yoga Course
  • Master The Basics of Yoga Ebook plus a growing library of free resources
  • Inspiring Miro Learning Videos on the 10 Determinants of Health
  • Ongoing Messages of Encouragement and Support

Features Coming Soon

  • Inspiring premium video content curated for your action plan
  • Premium Digital Courses
  • Recommended Labs
  • Group Challenges
  • Exclusive Product Discounts and Personalized Product Recommendations tailored for your conditions, lifestyle, symptoms and interests
  • Access to Discounted Health Coaching
  • Access to discounted Lab Tests
  • Access to discounted Telemedicine
  • Earn Rewards like free life insurance

Who is Japa Health For?

Struggling with a chronic health condition, pain, lack, limitation or an intuitive feeling that there’s more to life?

This platform is for you if you are interested in taking full agency of your life. If you are in pain, frustrated, sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to step forward into who you came here to be, this platform is for you.

Thriving but interested in taking the quantum leap into more strength, resilience and higher states of consciousness?

  • If you feel the call to explore deeper meaning in life and have the desire to learn how everything is connected to the quantum field, Japa Health is for you. If you intuitively know that you can take your physical and mental quality of life to new levels, Japa Health is for you. If you sense that higher states of abundance and attainment in life are connected to health and spirituality, Japa Health is for you.

What is Japa Health?

Health Score

Learn which of the 10 determinants of health you need to focus on with an easy place to start, continuous support and insights to create your most vital journey.

Personalized Path

We meet you where you are and offer holistic and effective practices you can do on your own to prevent disease, heal, find deep self acceptance to expand your vitality.


Super short, fun, cutting-edge, modern, inspiring videos on the determinants of health. Our teachers are highly qualified experts that we ourselves trust with our health. Japa Health curriculum is easy to understand so that you can enjoy a streamlined approach to taking your power back.

The Japa Health Method is Based on the 10 Determinants of Health:

We’ve defined 10 determinants of health and created a scoring methodology that helps you find a balance of the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental and spiritual.  Because you are unique, our technology is designed to support your individual needs. You will receive inspiring education, support and community every step of the way.



Manage exposure to environmental, nutritional and emotional toxins.



Learn to optimize sleep hygiene and recovery



Create stability mobility space and flow.

Self Care

Self Care

Integration and self regulation.



Learn the truth about food.



The key to regulate cognition, mood and organ functionality.

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

Simple revolutionary ways to activate your genius.



Manage your energy through community, vulnerability, trust, boundaries and love.



Attune to the rhythms frequencies and abundance of source.



How you see yourself and life. What you believe affects your biology.

Meet the Founder

Sheryl became passionate about optimizing her potential over 18 years ago after conventional treatment for an autoimmune disease diagnosis failed. She took her health into her own hands and was determined to be the most vibrant and joyous version of herself possible. Over the last 18 years Sheryl has studied as many healing modalities as possible. She possesses deep knowledge of bioenergetics, spiritual science, philosophy and Ayurveda. She is thriving in her 40’s and has been medication free for over a decade

In 2013 she founded Red Diamond Yoga, a large yoga studio in Los Angeles and built a strong reputation for inspiring people through yoga, breath-work, energy healing, fitness and mindfulness. After five and half years and close to 40,000 students, she sold Red Diamond to build Japa Health.

Sheryl believes everyone has the capacity to heal and holds a strong vision for a world of empowered, healthy people.

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