Japa Health FAQs

Last Updated:  August 19, 2022

1.      I’m having trouble signing in. How do I get help?

Email support@japa.health

2.      How does Japa Health ensure the privacy and security of my health information?

At Japa Health, we take your security and privacy very seriously. We have built our infrastructure to comply with applicable laws for HIPAA compliance and SOC2. We plan to undergo third party audits and be compliant for both in 2023. Japa Health will never share any of your personal health information with anyone – including your employer or health insurance provider – without your permission. To learn more about Japa Health’s data privacy practices, please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

3.      Why is birth sex required in my profile?

While gender is a social construct, sex at birth is a medical concept. Individuals who identify as the different gender from their sex at birth, maintain their underlying risks resulting from the sex at birth. The current standard of care in the medical community is to rely on sex at birth as a key determinant for care and treatment plans. Since the Japa Health Vitality Assessment is based on medical literature, it derives appropriate risks for individuals with different sex at birth and requires this information to calculate the most accurate Vitality Score.

4.      What is a Vitality Score?

Your Japa Health Vitality Score calculates the variables that diminish and expand human energic capacity based on lifestyle, behaviors, conditions, symptoms and interests. To find out your score, sign into Japa Health and complete the Vitality assessment.  Your vitality depends on how well you manage the many forces of life across 10 determinants of health that we evaluate, so you have a lot of control over your life force!

5.      What are the 10 Determinants of Health?

Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Hydration, Relationships, Self Care, Detoxification, Vision (how you perceive yourself and the world), Nature, Mental Fitness. These components must all be managed with intention and awareness in order to experience the full potential of life.

6.      How do I know which practices to do first?

The recommended practices that you receive when completing your vitality assessment are all personalized for you based on your unique demographics, behaviors, symptoms, conditions and interests. You will get a lot of benefits out of all the suggestions offered to you. You can’t go wrong with any of them. You can start with the ones that feel the most exciting or the most challenging or the ones you have the most time for etc. How you decide is up to you but just pick a couple and get started! We have found that there is usually an intuitive knowing in all of us that guides us to the things we know we need to do. Try listening to your intuition on this one.

7.      How long do I need to do the recommended practices to feel better?

On average it takes over a month to change a habit and we believe that it is more important to develop discipline and rituals in life than to strive for a quick fix.  Be less concerned about the outcomes and more interested in the process of transformation. Trust the process and align your mind with the belief in possibility. You will discover that changes happen when we adjust the inner workings of our perspective. Having said that, the practices we recommend are all potent but the time it takes for them to reveal shifts will vary. It depends on your level of consistency and effort. Trust the process!

8.      Will my personal information be stored and used?

Japa Health stores your personal health information in your Japa Health account. Please see the Japa Health including the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

9.      How do I change the information found in my profile?

We currently don’t have a way for you to do that but you can email support@japa.health with your request. This feature will be available soon.

10.   Who is Japa Health good for?

Japa Health is designed to help everyone regardless of where you are on your life’s journey. We meet you where you are and give you recommendations to expand your vitality whether you have a chronic condition or personal goals, or both! As a human being we ALL have an opportunity and responsibility to manage our own bio-energetic state and at Japa Health we are passionate about helping every person realize their energetic potential.