💡 Benefits You Can Expect:

🌙 Better Sleep
⚡ Increased Energy
😊 Improved Mood
🏋️‍♀️ Better Body Composition
🧠 Enhanced Focus
🩸 Balanced Blood Sugar
💪 Strengthened Immune Function
🛌 Improved Recovery

Meet Your Guides

Dr. Alexis Cowan

Dr. Alexis Cowan is a Princeton-trained PhD in molecular biology who operates at the interface of physiology, metabolism, and nutrition. Here, she specializes in the design and implementation of targeted dietary and lifestyle protocols in areas including gut health, fat loss, metabolic flexibility, and cognition. Dr. Cowan works with medical professionals and coaches looking to expand their repertoire of evidence-informed approaches, as well as high-performing individuals seeking to optimize their health and performance.

Sheryl Utal

Sheryl Utal is an entrepreneur, self-healer, and student of life. Her passion for health optimization was ignited over 15 years ago after the standard medical model failed her in the wake of an autoimmune disease diagnosis. This crisis served as her initiation into the healing journey of a lifetime, and guided her into deep practices across yoga, breath work, sound healing, and meditation, and ultimately to the cessation of autoimmunity. She has owned multiple wellness businesses including Red Diamond Yoga and Japa Health and has personally taught over 10,000 public classes.

Are you ready to embrace the rejuvenating power of the sun and self regulation to unlock your full potential?

Challenge Overview

✨ Personalized Wellness Assessment: receive tailored suggestions to elevate your vitality.

📈 Score Your Progress: Track your journey with personalized scores to see results.

🌞 Emphasis on Circadian Health: Science-backed education on circadian biology

💪 Learn Nervous System Regulation: Enhanced resilience and vitality

🧘‍♂️ Accountability & Support: Stay motivated with community, habit tracker, and group discussions. 

🎁 Bonus Perks: Enjoy discounts on related products and continued support!

You're Three Weeks Away From Elevated Well-Being

At the beginning of this reset, you will be provided with a daily checklist outlining all of the behaviors you can incorporate into your routine to maximize your health and vitality through a circadian and mitochondrially-oriented approach. By the end of the 3-week reset, you will fully understand the basis for all of the recommendations provided, so that you are empowered with not only the action items but the underlying information and thought processes behind them.

Here's what we cover week by week


After week 1 you will understand:

1) What is the circadian rhythm the effect of different wavelengths of light on the body and on the “master clock” in the brain, which sets the rhythm for every cell in the body 

2) Why sunlight is an essential nutrient and vitamin D is a biomarker 

3) How sunglasses, contacts, prescription glasses, sunscreen, and indoor living all contribute to the development of dis-ease 

4) Why bright light and dark are equally important when it comes to regulating the body’s essential functions 

5) How to leverage light and dark to create health, reverse dis-ease, and live life in accordance with the natural rhythms of the planet

6) What is the nervous system and how self regulation, how self awareness and emotions affect health so you can consciosly manage your subtle bio-energetic state


After week 2 you will understand:

1) Learn how to cultivate metabolic health by nailing the fundamentals.

2) Building on week 1 understand the importance of exercise for metabolic health, but the potential harms of exercise in artificially lit gym environments.

2) The importance of seasonal eating and how food is an electromagnetic barcode for the light environment within which that food was cultivated

3) The role of omega-3 DHA in cultivating health and why plant based omega-3s and vegan algal oils are not enough to optimize your omega-3 status

4) microbiome optimization for metabolic health outcomes, reversal of food sensitivities and allergies, and protection against chronic inflammation

5) Understand the Gut Brain Axis via the Vagus nerve and how self regulation can improve this critical pathway

6) Understand meditation and incorporate it into your life


After week 3 you will understand:

1) Learn about mitochondria and why mitochondrial dysfunction is the root of all chronic dis-ease.

2) Why mitochondria are so much more than “the powerhouse of the cell”

3) Why anything that harms bacteria harms mitochondria, and how germ theory has

4) Set the stage for the rampant chronic illness in our society

5) Hhow mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy (i.e. mutation rates) explains all disease including the aging process itself

6) how to reverse mitochondrial heteroplasmy

7) The importance of metabolic water and cellular hydration

8) Understand co-regulation and heart brain coherence for optimal health

9) The action items you must consider when crafting a lifestyle that is supportive to mitochondrial vitality

What You Get:

💥Japa Health Virtual Vitality Assessment – Value $69.99

💥21 Day Circadian Health and Self Regualtion Protocol – Value $999

💥Six 90 min lessons on self regulation and circadian biology – Value $1500

💥Gut Health Ebook by Dr. Alexis Cowan and Dr. Gabrielle Lyon – Value $69.99

💥Transcending Limits Shadow Work Ebook by Sheryl Utal – Value $27

💥Light Biology Interactions Video Lesson from Dr. Alexis – Value $89

💥Circadian Biology Video Lesson From Dr. Alexis – Value $89

💥Badass Beginner Yoga Course with 13 classes by Sheryl Utal – Value $27

💥Breathwork Cheatsheet Ebook by Sheryl – Value $27

💥Recommended products and exclusive discounts

💥3 Lessons from our 12 week Vibrant Life Method Program as BONUS’s for you!

  1. Exercise Science and Exercise Programming
  2. Environmental Toxins Lesson (Guest Lecturer: Mike Maltierre)
  3. Posture, Respiration, Pelvic Floor Health, and Gait (Guest Lecturer: Rua Gilna)

💥Private Community

💥Ongoing support from Sheryl, Alexis, Your Challenge Community and Japa Health

Total Value $2,897.98

What Our Students Say

"This Reset over-delivered"

It undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. I'm still absorbing all the valuable information and generous extras you provided. Your insightful explanations have played a significant role in helping me adopt life-changing habits more consistently, from restructuring my day and lifestyle to prioritize sun exposure, grounding, and eliminating blue light to regularly checking in with my gut, caring for my nervous system, and so much more. The perfect blend of scientific knowledge, soulful wisdom, and support in your teaching truly resonates with me. I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to have found such excellent teachers. I am looking forward to what's next!

Laura R.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for anyone who wants to improve their well-being and learn the science of health

No. You don’t but there are recommendations for some products that can be helpful if you want. They are all optional and very affordable if you are interested but it is NOT required.

Absolutely. This is not a time intensive process. There will educational content you can consume at your own pace if you’d like and you can do as much or as little as your schedule allows. We encourage everyone to GO ALL IN to get the most benefits but we understand if you want to start but need to pace yourself don’t let that stop you!

Yes, wisdom, experience and improved health! You will be empowered to live the rest of your life in an elevated way and you will have the tools to navigate life more efficiently so much that you can inspire and teach your loved ones about it too! Win Win!

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