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Japa Health is a marketplace for evidence-based integrative health solutions that support immunological health, joy, and overall well-being.

How We Create Vitality

Japa Health empowers people to achieve an improved health status by removing behavior change barriers.

We help your people:

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Digital Health Management Benefits

People spend 99.9% of their waking hours outside of the healthcare system, left to manage their health on their own.

When people don’t feel well, they don’t perform well at work, making mistakes, miscommunicating, and taking time off.

Digital Health Management can offer many cost saving benefits that drive business success, such as:

The Health on Demand survey recently conducted by Mercer Marsh Benefits, Mercer & Oliver Wyman, attracted responses from 16,564 workers and 1,300 employers in 13 global markets. This survey showed that 27% of workers say they’re less likely to move to another company if their employer promotes or sponsors digital health solutions. Likewise, 48% would have more confidence in a digital health solution if it were offered by their employer.

How Japa Works for Your People

Virtual Wellness Coach

Health score with suggestions for vitality

Calendar for Goal Setting

Points system with incentives for goal completion

Educational Content on the Determinants of Health

Simple evidence-based health content that makes a powerful difference


Social Network/Community

Invite friends, share goals, participate in challenges, support each other, & more


Shop for curated wellness products & insurance providers

Health Data Dashboard

See your medical, wearable, & Japa Health data in one place

It would be our honor to serve your people:

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